Support Your Local Brewery

As a locally owned and operated business, we are very committed to supporting our local economy and environment. Today more than ever, supporting local business is a critical means of survival in a challenging economic situation. We partner with neighboring businesses that share the common goal of responsible growth and profitability. We use local suppliers as often as possible and are active members of the non-profit Capital District Local First organization. For more information about Capital District Local first, please visit's Brewing Company also believes in self sustainability. Our support of clean water initiatives in the upper Hudson Valley and Rensselaer County are our effort to maintain one of most precious natural resources - pure drinking water. We're committed to re-use, re-cycle and conserve where it can. Spent grains from our brewery become feed for a local beef cattle farmer, and our hops are composted along with produce scraps from our kitchen. All glass, plastic, tin and corrugated cardboard is recycled.And as "brewer farmers", we've begun growing our own hops which are a key ingredient in brewing high quality ales and lagers.

Our Clean Water Act

Beer is made up of almost 95% water,